About Us

About Lintel

What We Do - Technology

Lintel has been involved in information technology and custom software development since 2008. We've built the flagship technical products for businesses that have become major contributors in their markets. Lintel understands the realities of start-ups (the challenges of working through prototypes, giving demos to investors, and releasing on the market), as well as the needs of established organizations. Our clients love that we function as their technical partners by offering strategic consulting while planning, developing, testing, and deploying their custom-built, high-quality technical products.


Design aspect is often overlooked or overdone. The problem is double edged sword. Simple designs sometimes are not future ready. And complex designs make the product break under its own weight. We at Lintel will put together the optimal design that is best for your product with the careful attention to the detail in your requirement combined with our experience. Good design is the first step towards building a successful product.


Blood and sweat, brick and mortar. We at Lintel do whatever it takes to build that great product of yours by implementing the design. It's a task that needs to be executed with great care and craftsmanship. During the process of building the product, code will be scrutinized and the team would be guided in proper way so as to avoid unnecessary bugs.


Meeting the time-lines and milestones is crucial to have your product successfully launched into ether. Your product gets tested thoroughly for all corner cases. We at Lintel ensure that your product gets colorful and problem free launch it deserves.

What We Do - Outsourcing

At Lintel we bring the best talent to the table due to our relationship developed over the years in the outsourcing industry in India. We can provide a full range of service to any business due to the same. This helps us become a trusted one stop solution partner for any business wanting to use outsourcing as an organic growth strategy. We continue to work with diverse clients across geographies.

Our work

We believe that the true vision about a business lies with its creators. We work on this principle with our partners, understanding their vision in detail and then helping create a business plan that works. We also know that change is a part of life and therefore have flexible built into our system. Communication is a key in any relationship we make sure we engage our partners as clearly and concisely as possible leaving no ambiguity for the loss of trust.

Overall we assimilate ourselves into the culture of our clients, working side by side with them to become an extension of their businesses. This is the reason we have managed to engage different business and are working with them successfully in any and all spheres be it inbound sales, outbound sales, customer care, information services, help-desk, technical support, back office processes, digital marketing, data analysis, research or recruitment process outsourcing.

Where We Are

We are located in West India at Ahmedabad Gujarat which is one of the most developed and peaceful place in India. For the same reason the city has evolved as an outsourcing hub with several companies being active in the space for years.