ParselTONE Telephony Development

ParselTONE is the custom telephony development framework for FreeSWITCH and Python. While developing applications in FreeSWITCH and Python, we found that we wrote and rewrote the same boilerplate code over and over. ParselTONE seeks to eliminate that costly aspect of developing custom telephony applications.

Lintel continues to support ParselTONE's development and growth, primarily because it provides easily reusable Python modules to make FreeSWITCH development quicker and less redundant, which is exactly what our clients need. As with most labors of love, ParselTONE could benefit from more of its owners undivided attention, but alas, it generally gets worked on as client needs dictate new features.

That said, we are fully committed to ParselTONE's future, and demonstrate that commitment by making it open source and available through a very liberal, business-friendly license, the MPL. We have high hopes for ParselTONE's future. Do keep your eyes out for this project.